Long time ago, I used this domain as Hungarian Ingress Players and built a web based application to help all the hungarian Ingress players (ok, it was OpenSource, so not only hungarian) with extra features that the official site or application couldn’t provide us.

For example: - Parsing global map to predict animalies for group events - Distance messurement and Portal-Link planner - Talk with others from your fraction - Create plans with your fraction - Daily statictics for both side (number of active players, captured portals, etc) - Weekly statistics - Actual standing based on selected region (rectangle selected area) - Help request placement on the map and others could respond with “on my way” - Any many others

Later Google told me: STOP or we will terminate your account and more………..

What’s next?

I don’t know. Now I use this domain for experiments / demos and not only for hungarian folks.

If you need this domain, ping me and talk about it. I’m not selling domains, not even this one, but if you can use better this domain, let’s talk about it.